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Look at you, doing the things and whatnot lol. I'm glad you decided to stop by and say hey! How’s it going, how's your day been, wanna go grab some coffee?

My name is Rico, coffee enthusiast, concert lover, and proud cat dad. Oh yeah, and one more, storyteller. I love capturing people as they are and showcasing their love for one another through my work. So what do you say, are you ready to let me share your story? 

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My Story

Born in California, but raised in the south, I'm just your average guy trying to live life to the fullest, wanna join me on the journey?  

So real quick, I often get asked how I got into shooting photos and videos and the answer is quite simple. I was inspired by my family's green box. Let me explain; growing up, one of my favorite memories was pulling out a green box that we had in the storage closet full of old home movies ranging from birthdays, vacations, and even my parents' weddings. Now, none of these videos were what I could consider a high production, but even still, I loved being able to relive all of these amazing memories, and seeing my family all together, smiling, and having fun, just made me feel so happy. These videos were always special to me and meant even more whenever these videos became the only way I could revisit some family members who are no longer with us.


Fast forward a few years and now I'm the one creating these memories for new families to have and enjoy.  Thanks to my little green box, I’ve been able to be a small part of some amazing couple’s most magical day! Not only did I love telling people's stories, but they continued to tell me how much they loved being able to revisit their special day, listen to their loved ones again, and how they loved being able to see their friends and family gathered together in one place again. It truly meant the world to them and it was at that moment, that I knew I had found my calling. Since then, I’ve focused on fine-tuning my craft to be able to give yall the best experience I can so that, one day down the road, they can look back and reminisce.


So why Cinematographer instead of Videographer?


I chose cinematographer because I want to do more than just give you a slideshow, I want to tell your story. I want people to get to know you, and showcase all of your beauty. So what do you think, are you ready to be the star? Let’s grab a coffee and talk!

Lets Talk

Ill get the coffee brewing!